Album Stream : King of Prussia : Transmissions from the Grand Strand

King of Prussia’s gone through some changes between its first album and Transmissions from the Grand Strand: Moving from South Carolina to Chicago, Illinois, enduring personnel shifts, and accommodating the transition from a warm to a cold climate. Transmissions was funded by donations via Kickstarter. Well, I’d like to thank the 90 people who paid for this project. And with hand outstretched to KOP, I can only say, “Charmed, I’m sure!” (As well as thanking “16 different musicians from five different countries, though at the core of the recording were Brian Hall, Brandon Hanick, Christine Kelly, Brian Smith, Nathan Troutman, and Chris Tucker”).

The album is a consistent pleasure. It’s the kind of album that creeps into one’s consciousness; eventually feeling so essential, one wonders how one lived, before, without it. That’s kind of how I reacted to Cass McCombs’ record, last year (the band might also make a great tour bill with Brian Olive). KOP stirs brilliantly low-key compositions, circa-‘60s folk-rock, little psychedelic strands, chamber nuances, and a few dollops of European sophistication into a mix that feels completely vital, natural, and now.

See what ya think. Me, I can’t decide between Your Graduating Hours, Transatlantic (The New Frontier), Love On A Metro, and …For the Masters Said It So. Whether vocalized, instrumental, slow, and/or mid-tempo, everything on the album flows beautifully.

Transmissions from the Grand Strand was released April 17 on the band’s very appropriately-named Soft Magic label and can be purchased here. MOKB is glad to share it with you:

-Post by Mary Leary

  • Steve G

    April 19, 2012 [ 12:32 pm ]

    Wow, this album reminds me of the gentle, tuneful and fun qualify of groups like Chad & Jeremy and Peter & Gordon. Love it !!

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