MOKB Video Premiere : Joachim Cooder : Bright Light Blue (ft. Frank Lyon)

Joachim Cooder had no plans for the music that comprised his new album, Love on a Real Train, initially. After moving into a new house, he would look out the window and score the scenes he was witnessing. He eventually decided to send out the music to various artists and see what they could come up with writing and singing over the music. One of the songs that came out of this process was gentle and lovely Bright Light Blue with Frank Lyon of Keepaway.

The video for the song was directed by Max Goldblatt. From the director on the song and video:

I met both Joachim Cooder and Frank Lyon on the Wesleyan University campus. Frank was my classmate and Joachim played a show there on tour with an old band of his. A decade later I can safely say they’re two of my very favorite people. When Joachim told me that he was looking for people to add vocals to the music he’d been working on, Frank seemed like a perfect fit. So I put them in touch. Later, around the time Joachim and I began discussing a music video for a song from his record, Essie Lash, another Wesleyan friend, asked me to fly to New York to DJ her and Alexander’s wedding — it would be a throwback the danceparties of our college years. Then it all clicked: the video should be for Frank’s song, Frank should come to the wedding as my plus-one, we should shoot the video at this beautiful wedding, I should record it on my iPhone (so as to be discrete) and we’ll just see what happens. So I was DJing half the time and shooting the video the rest of the time. After midnight to bar went no-host and someone wheeled the keg onto the dancefloor and the bride and groom did keg-stands. It was that kind of wedding.

Love on a Real Train is available now through Aeronaut Records. Watch the video below…

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