MOKB Premiere : Brass Bed w/ Allison Bohl : One (Harry Nilsson Cover)

One by Harry Nilsson is right up there with my all-time favorite songs. The direct lyrics, along with the simple piano and bass, create one of the sadder songs that we all have related to at one point in our lives or another. So, when Brass Bed asked us to premiere their rendition of the song, it was a no brainer for us.

The cover comes after being asked to perform for a Harry Nilsson tribute night, Brass Bed and long-time collaborator Allison Bohl, decided to record their take on Harry’s classics that now taken the form of a four-song EP featuring, in addition to One, He Needs Me, He’s Large, and Don’t Forget Me. Brass Bed’s version utilizes the piano that is all-so familiar in the original, but layers it over lush atmospheric distortion that takes it to an even darker place than Nilsson’s version. You can grab the track below, as well as their cover of He’s Large.

On Nilsson will be available March 13th on Crossbill Records.


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