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I’m kind of obsessed with this artist named Morgan Geer, who calls his music Drunken Prayer. His second full-length, Into the Missionfield is the first DP release I’ve heard, and I’m already in trouble. But Geer/DP has been around for a few years; kickin’ it with, at times… himself. But also (per his Fluff & Gravy profile), with ” members from the Breeders, She & Him, Bright Eyes, The Wipers… and the backing bands of John Lee Hooker and Elliot Smith.”

Yeah? Well, Mr. Geer, I once spent an amazing weekend with the roadie (guy named “Little Man”) for a band called the Real Kids. So there! But, seriously, I can see why all those people have wanted to hang with Morgan.  For starters,  one of his folks is from N’awlins, and you can hear it in this music – slopped over with biscuits and (fluffy?)-gravy, it’s nuevo Americana at its off-the-cuff best. His tenor vocals, which echo of Levon Helm (the Band) and Terry Adams (NRBQ), feel like a comfy old corduroy jacket. Folks who heart Seth Kauffman/Floating Action are likely to be pleased, as well. That voice is kept busy by Geer’s killer songwriting, exemplified by the Into the Missionfield opener, “Brazil.”

This song’s good, too. Geer’s the kind of musician who can command attention with just his guitar – and some slide, on the side:

Learn about all things Morgan Geer/Drunken Prayerish (like his St. Patrick’s Day performances at SXSW) on his site: – or at

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