Film : Cadaver Feature Length in the Works

Here’s a story of love that hasn’t been told before. In “Cadaver,” a dead man makes a last gasp at life, convincing an unsuspecting med student to take him on a road trip to tell his wife once more that he loves her.

This 2D animated short features a poem filmmaker Jonah Ansell wrote for his own sister as she struggled with her early medical school jitters. If you can imagine Shel Silverstein whimsy and rhythm with an Edgar Allen Poe edge, you”ll be somewhere near the vibe of this unexpected, bittersweet tale.

CADAVER – The Film – Trailer from JAMS on Vimeo.

The star-studded cast includes Christopher Lloyd and Kathy Bates, with Tavi Gevinson of fashion blogger fame narrating the tale. Tavi is known for sweeping up the fashion world, having started her own fashion blog Rookie Style at the tender age of 11. Now 15, she endcaps the film with a rendition of Neil Young’s Heart of Gold.

Tavi Gevison Performs Heart of Gold at New York Fashion Week:

CADAVER NYFW 2012 Private Screening: from JAMS on Vimeo.

Currently, “Cadaver” is playing the festival circuit after opening at Santa Barbara Film Fest and holding a private screening at New York Fashion Week. The film will screen next at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose on Friday 3/3/12, which will include a Q+A session with Ansell, one of the producers and some of the production crew.

In more recent news, Kathy Bates and Christopher Lloyd have signed on to return for the feature-length version of “Cadaver,” which Jonah Ansell will write and direct. No release date has been set.

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