MOKB Premiere : Zambri : ICBYS (Warm Ghost Remix)

We have been all about sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica and their project Zambri. The ethereal duo is getting ready to release their full-length debut, House of Baasa, on April 10th through Kanine Records.

They were kind enough to give MOKB this excellent remix of ICBYS, the first single off the album, reworked by Warm Ghost. The remix brings out more of the industrial sounds that appear within many of the duo’s songs. You can grab the track below, along with the House of Baasa tracklist. Be sure to look for them at SXSW in Austin.

MP3 : Zambri – ICYBS (Warm Ghost remix)

1. All You Maybes
3. Carry
4. Hundred Hearts
5. Straws
6. Places
7. My Could Have True
8. From An Angle
9. From the Starts
10. You’ll Never Beat Dogs

MP3 : Zambri – ICBYS

  • Best Club Music

    February 9, 2012 [ 1:51 pm ]

    Project Zambri very good, I personally like the tracks in the style electronics with inserts house. +5

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    March 6, 2012 [ 7:20 pm ]

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