MOKB Premiere : Lovely Bad Things : I Just Want You To Go Away

Lovely Bad Things’ re-release of their cassette New Ghost/Old Waves now both on vinyl and available for download, is doing nothing to help the acute jonesin’ for summer weather that afflicts all thoroughly soaked, sun-deprived Pacific Nor’westers this time o’year. Believe you me. You can practically smell the coconut scented Coppertone when their dreamy AM radio sounds come wafting through your speakers. With their infectious guitar riffs and wall-of-sound guy-girl harmonies, it’s hard to decide whether you should backcomb your hair into a beehive and do the frug, or let your hair down, kick back and puff puff pass. Both retro-inspired scenarios these SoCal garage rockers invoke with their jangly beach-pop seem equally appropo. In addition, the undeniably talented quartet of Lauren Curtius, Timothy Hatch and brothers Brayden and Camron Ward are well known not only for jubilant live shows, but they’re also prone to switching up vocals and playing each others instruments with equal aplomb.

So with no further ado, MOKB is pumped to debut the Lovely Bad Things’ I Just Want You To Go Away, the first release off their EP New Ghost/Old Waves via Volcom Entertainment. Think surfboards, shake shacks and a sun-bleached pier where The Pixies meet up with The Shangri-Las… like I said, dreamy.

Lovely Bad Things – I Just Want You To Go Away

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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