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And so here it is 2012 and with it comes another totally rad idea from Portland Oregon’s own Tender Loving Empire. It seems the label founders, mates Jared and Brianne Mees, in addition to their band (Jared Mees and The Grown Children) and handmade goods/printing studio/consignment store, have yet again found a way to push the envelope when it comes to community unity between fans and their favorite bands. The Priceless Music Project is a new take on the e-commerce platform of pay-what-you-want for music model. Fans can choose the option of paying nothing for an album, yet agree to spread the word about the band to friends, or on social networking sites, as well as getting out to see them on tour; or up to any price they feel the album is worthy, including the above and beyond album price donation option. Such a gesture on the fan’s part can nab some awesome Scooby-snacks, like bonus songs not otherwise included, links to pre-ordered concert tix, access to live video and any other VIP delights the band wants to share with its top donors. Each band can also choose a percentage of total sales to be donated to a charity of its choice, letting the fans know that ultimately their music consumerism is giving back to the community where the artists live. A win-win-win, if you will.  

So from now until February 8th, TLE is raising the funds needed to develop The Priceless Music Project, with the goal of releasing their entire 2012 roster on this program. Incentives for donation include a laundry list of groovy goods, from un-developed disposable cameras their bands took with them on recent tours, to the Mees’s giving a donor (hopefully a super generous one) the ability to choose their unborn daughter’s middle name. FREALZ, yo. I mean, they are Portland’ers after all. And clearly, uber-passionate about their label, it’s artists, their fan base and community. For more on this campaign, go to You can also check out the short, sweet, informational video on The Priceless Music Project below.

Download: Tender Loving Empire Sampler

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  • Bianca Bailey

    February 2, 2012 [ 12:04 pm ]

    This is an awesome project. I love when people can give back through music. Check out Songster where you can make your own song. Go to and enter Backstage Pass Code P5CXZK.

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