New EP : The Babies : Cry Along with the Babies

There’s lo-fi, and then there’s lo-lo-fi. The Babies are bottom-of-the-well-fi, combined with buried-in-the-grass-tech. In other words, their Cry Along with the Babies EP sounds rather like the experiments my ex and I did in our attic, in the ‘90s – you could hear some great song ideas; and it felt real, and sincere. Occasionally we hit sonic pay dirt, but we were unpredictable; inconsistent.  On the other hand, we didn’t finish the first track on our demo with a major-to-minor guitar stroke (one of the Beatles’ early signatures).  I don’t know if we left our listeners wanting more.

Cassie Ramone and Kevin Morby, a/k/a The Babies, leave me wanting more. So after the track that ends with the major-to-minor guitar strum (“Big Mercedes”), I let “Trouble” rip. There’s no change in either fidelity or technical ability. Still, I find myself kinda lovin’ it. If you’re into Daniel Johnston, the Beatles’ early demos, the Modern Lovers, and (especially) the Shaggs, you might just find yourself kinda lovin’ the Babies too. Oh, and their sound is more consistent than that of my ex and me, which is probably at least part of why we’re now ex’s.

Cry Along with the Babies will be available digitally January 10th and physically January 24th through New Images. You can order the album here.

The Babies – Trouble

-Post by Mary Leary

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