Prison Breaks : Grimes

Photo: Tommy Chase Lucas (Vogue)

2012 seems to be setting up as the break-out year for Grimes (real name: Claire Boucher). GorillaVsBear fans have more than likely been down for a year+, but a larger audience will take hold with her upcoming 4AD release, Visions.

I was able to catch her live for the first time at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November 2011. The sun was bright in her eyes, and the result was a messy set, but there is no arguing the excellence of the recorded work. The festival setting show will come in time, I imagine. Many acts flounder on the big stage early in their careers.

Two tracks from Visions have found their way to the interwebs, and depending on the direction of pop music this year, she seems poised to make big noise in that Best Coast kinda way. Get in now so you can bitch about her later. Visions will be released on February 21 in North America and March 12 everywhere else.

MP3 : Grimes – Genesis


MP3 : Grimes – Oblivion

  • Melissa Usher

    January 8, 2012 [ 2:59 am ]

    Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your real voice shining through in your written posts. I know that we should care about good grammar and diction in the face of foreign powers prime to take over our land, but I prefer reading good summaries written about good artists in a good “voice” that I can “hear.”

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