5 Questions with Dr. Robert : Deer Tick

MOKB’s Dr. Robert is back at it, making his rounds with the who’s who of the indie scene. Next up: John McCauley of Deer Tick.

Dr. Robert: How did the Middle Brother concept come about? Does this supergroup have a future or was that record (one of my faves of the year) a one-off?

John McCauley: Me and Taylor were on tour in 2009 and thought it would be fun to write and record together. When we were finally able to get together it just so happened that Matt was free. I had never met Matt, except once when I was blackout drunk, but I had a good feeling about it. I’m not sure we’ll continue with Middle Brother. I’d like to do another record someday though.

Dr. Robert: How did recording in your home state of RI affect the new record?

JC: Well, we got to sleep in our own beds and haunt our favorite bars every night. That was fun. I don’t know, it was just comfortable. We probably could have recorded it anywhere though.

Dr. Robert: I was pumped to learn that the inspiration for the band name was a tick incident in the woods near Bloomington, IN a place near and dear to my heart. What’s the story of that fateful day?

JC: I was hiking with some friends in Monroe National Forest, or Park, or whatever it is. I had somehow managed to never get bitten by a tick before, even though there’s a shitload of them in Rhode Island. I kind of freaked out when I found a deer tick on my scalp. I thought it sounded gross, and pretty cool, so that was that.

Dr. Robert: Any Deervana shows in the near future?

JC: No, Deervana broke up. We still cover Nirvana songs once in awhile though.

Dr. Robert: Any new music/bands we should be listening to?

JC: Virgin Forest, Dead People, Cerebral Ballzy, Strange Boys, Shannon and the Clams, Knife Party, Guards. This one’s not new but we just got a copy of Kid Rock’s 1990 debut Grit Sandwiches For Breakfast – it’s really something else…

See the entire Deer Tick session at Laundromatinee.com!

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