Video : Bhi Bhiman: Guttersnipe

Do you remember the first time you heard Cee Lo Green? And you wondered for a second if it was a female gospel singer? Or Nina Simone? And you wondered for a minute if it was the most luxurious male voice you’d ever heard? How about the first time you heard Tim Buckley’s cover of Fred Neil’s Dolphins and you assumed you were listening to Nina Simone? (No? Just me? Really?…I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one.) Well, in the great tradition of epic vocalists whose genderless, creator-of-the universe pipes that rock you to the very core of your being, comes Bhi Bhiman. From the very first street-wise, strummy notes on his acoustic, to the moment this man unleashes his chakra-aligning set of lungs on yer ears, his song Guttersnipe will transfix you into that special kind of lump-in-the-throat, moist-eyed stupor of utter gratitude that this song, and this singer, even exists. It’s that good. He’s not only in the company of the aforementioned artists, but to that list I’d feel comfortable adding Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Richie Havens and Aretha Franklin. With his blindingly beautiful, world-weary blend of country, soul and West African folk, Bhi Bhiman has found the sweet spot between those genres and kept it simple; letting his nimble story-telling and fantastic voice do the rest. His debut LP BHIMAN drops Jan 24th2012 on BooCoo Music. Lucky us.

Bhi Bhiman “Guttersnipe” from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

  • Chris Albertson

    December 16, 2011 [ 6:46 pm ]

    If Bhi Bhiman is not a major artist before the end of 2012, something is seriously wrong with the music industry and America’s ears. I have waited for more than a year for this wonderful singer/songwriter to receive the attention his artistry so richly deserves. It’s going to happen.

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