Fun Fun Fun Fest 6 : A Primer

Though unfairly saddled with playing Cindy to SXSW’s Marcia and ACL’s Jan, Fun Fun Fun Fest offers more music, comedy and garden-variety debauchery over a three-day period than you can shake a stick at. 2011 represents the 6th installment of this upstart festival, and if the schedule is to be believed, FFFF6 is shaping up to be one for the annals. 3-Day Passes and single day tickets are still available for a mere pittance, but if you can’t make it, fear not. MOKB is sending an envoy to cover every last note, joke and taco for you.

The fun (Fun Fun) kicks off this Friday, November 4th, and by the time the smoke settles on Sunday November 6th, attendees will have the opportunity to witness well over 120 bands and performers. Standout names include Spoon, Public Enemy, Passion Pit, Lykke Li and M83, but with four vaguely-themed stages and a load of after-hours club venues, here’s a handful I’m looking forward to catching.

Big Freedia – No less an expert than Valient Himself declared Big Freedia to be the highlight of FFFF5. That’s a good enough reason for me to catch The Queen Diva of Bounce.

Big Freedia – “Y’all Get Back Now” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Danzig Legacy – I’m still holding a grudge about the crap that Danzig pulled last year in the Twin Cities, but this show, which will also include material from The Misfits and Samhaim, can go a long way in earning my forgiveness.

Kool Keith – Is there anyone more unpredictable than Kool Keith? Can’t wait to see what The Original Black Elvis comes up with down in Austin.

Death Grips – Anyone in the market for Northern California avant hip-hop? Death Grips promises to bring noise that defies their afternoon timeslot.

Tinariwen – Will desert guitar blues from Mali translate in Texas? Methinks Tinariwen will make it work.


The Damned – Down to two original members, but these first wave Brit punks are rumored to never disappoint.

Russian Circles/Boris – Just what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor is into trio that specialize in mega-volumes and monolithic arrangements. Japan’s Boris has two new releases (Attention Please and Heavy Rocks) that are still curdling the cream of listeners, while Chicago-based Russian Circles are still burning the wrapper off Empros.

Slayer – After lapping the country performing Seasons In The Abyss in its entirety, who knows what Slayer has in store for the Austin faithful. Whatever it is, it’s evidently too big for The Black Stage.

Definitely worth your while, so nab your tickets now while the gettin’ is still good.

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