New Video : Big Tree : Storm King

Back in September, I babbled on (as I do) about my intense Like for the sweet, sweet sounds of Brooklyn’s Big Tree. Organic, effortless musical beauty emanates from Kaila McIntyre-Bader and Co. to the point that their music should come with a “heart-healthy” stamp on their packaging. So it’s no wonder that their new music video for Storm King, off This New Year which dropped October 4th 2011, would be filled with images at once so naturally simplistic and yet so utterly exhilarating that the viewer is a better person just for having watched it. I kid you not. And the visuals are a marvelously striking match for the somber, minor piano chords which accompany nothing but McIntyre-Bader’s lingering, melancholic voice until it eventually bursts into a group chant backed up by a downright meditational drum circle of harmony and goodness. With Storm King, this all-around eco-friendly and massively talented quintet continues to triumph with their psychedelic, indie-pop leanings and earthy ethos firmly in place. Their self-released sophomore LP This New Year is out now on their band website store, as well as both iTunes and Bandcamp.

Big Tree – Storm King from Big Tree on Vimeo.

Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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