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From Gary Hustwit, the filmmaker behind cult design documentaries “Objectified” and “Helvetica,” comes new film, “Urbanized.” The third and final film in his design trilogy, Urbanized explores the modern city (visiting locales as diverse as Detroit, Mumbai, Paris and many more) and just how many of us will be living in them. Currently, more than half of the world’s population lives in an urban area. By 2050, that percentage will increase to 75%.

During the sold out premiere of the film at the Toronto International Film Festival, the audience erupted in applause throughout the screening. Gary mused in a recent blog post that he’s never seen that kind of response – festival crowds often clap after, but not during a film. But it’s no wonder this film had struck a chord – as urbanites increasingly embrace all things local, it re-ignites passion for the cities we call home and a desire to take part in shaping what they become. Since no one person owns the design of a city, the film questions who gets to take part in creating urban change and how do they do it?

According to his press reps, Gary is in the planning phase on a few projects, but nothing is ready to announce. With the design trilogy under wraps, it will be interesting to see what he tackles next. Some of you may know of Hustwit from label SST fame. He also produced several documentaries of note, including “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”, the award-winning film about Wilco; “Moog”, the documentary about electronic music pioneer Robert Moog; and “Drive Well, Sleep Carefully”, a tour film following Death Cab for Cutie.

View the Urbanized trailer:

Upcoming screenings:
October 7 – Indianapolis IN, USA, The Toby, Indianapolis Museum of Art
Special Screening with Gary Hustwit and a free half-day summit on the design of Indianapolis.

October 9 – Chicago IL, USA, Music Box Theatre
Special Screening with director Gary Hustwit.

October 11 – Detroit MI, USA, The Detroit Film Theater at the Detroit Institute of Arts
Special screening with director Gary Hustwit.

October 12 – Columbus OH, USA, Wexner Center for the Arts
Special Screening with director Gary Hustwit.

October 21 – London, UK, Sheikh Zayed Theatre, London School of Economics
Special Screening and post-film discussion with director Gary Hustwit and cast members Ricky Burdett (LSE Cities/Urban Age), Alejandro Aravena (architect, Elemental).

October 28 – New York NY, USA, IFC Center
NY theatrical run. Special events and cast appearances throughout opening weekend.

October 31 – Washington DC, USA, E-Street Cinema
Special screening with Gary Hustwit and special guests from the film.

November 3 – Philadelphia PA, USA
Drexel University, Mitchell Auditorium, Bossone Research Center, Special screening with director Gary Hustwit.

November 4 – Boston MA, USA, Museum of Fine Arts
Special screening with director Gary Hustwit

November 7 – Raleigh NC, USA
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Special Screening with director Gary Hustwit.

November 8 – Atlanta GA, USA, The Plaza Theatre
Special Screening with director Gary Hustwit and cast member Ellen Dunham-Jones.

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