New Album + Video : Young Man : Ideas of Distance

Clearly we’re big fans of the DIY multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Young Man – the musical moniker of St Paul, Minnesota’s Colin Caulfield – as MOKB has been covering his ethereal, psych-pop musings goin’ way back to 2009. So it should be of no surprise we’re pleased as punch to present his debut LP Ideas of Distance, the first in a trilogy of albums Caulfield is set to roll out over the next eighteen months. Much like the critically acclaimed 2010 EP Boy, Ideas of Distance is full of the gentle lyricism and the lush, spine-shivering atmospherics we’ve come to expect from this one-man wonder. Yet with Ideas…its obvious Caulfield is undaunted to shapeshift and expand upon the fanciful palette of his experimental sound. There’s the deliciously cozy pop and strum of Nothing, the hushed, flamenco-flavored Low, the sadly haunting lullaby Only You and the enigmatic meditation Then and Now. Not to mention the superbly sleepy Tired Eyes and the spooky dreamscape buzz of Felt.

But perhaps nowhere more so than with the single Enough and its accompanying video, do we fully get to the heart of the musical matter that makes Young Man stay with you long after the record stops. With Caulfield’s impish, Marc Bolan-esque falsetto and his lonely, squeaky acoustic strings that build into an ever expanding and vivid soundscape; Enough is both heart-achingly simple and mystically larger than life in one fell swoop. That, and the fact that the strangely beautiful vignettes within the video are a perfect marriage to Young Man’s otherworldly resonance. Ideas of Distance came out September 27th 2011 on Frenchkiss Records. Get on it.  

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