Yuck on Room 205 + MOKB Presents Yuck at Radio Radio on 10/1/11

Have you had your rock fix today? What about that craving for those 90’s childhood days of yore? You remember those, don’t you? That forgotten age when mp3s, smartphones, HD and BluRay were undreamed nuggets not yet in the brains of the best R & D minds. You heard Beavis and Butthead are making their triumphant return to that one station that played images of bands right on your cathode ray box long ago, right? It’s been what, 16 years?! Maybe the world has changed after all. Maybe life is exactly as it was 20 years ago. I mean, you still look the same, right? Boy, do I have news for you! I have hard evidence of rock and roll that is alive and well. Yuck! This is a good thing. Oh, and you can watch Yuck actually perform. The audio is matched up with this visual presentation, and you can actually experience music with your ears and eyes. Here’s the best part: they play multiple songs (one is a ten minute hazy, guitar eruption called “Rubber”) in this slapdash, wickedly designed room, and Yuck is the centerpiece in a shrine to all those things you love most – VHS tapes (!!!), public access television and a (mostly) naked dead-stare muse! If you’ve been begging some deity to take you back to simpler times, you should think about thanking Yuck and Room 205 for returning you to the world you know and love.

Room 205 is a music and film collaboration sharing a passion for the arts that have inspired them. For Yuck’s Room 205 visit, Michael Reich directed, Forrest Borie edited, Tamarra Younis designed the set and Ariela Marin starred as the muse.

Yuck’s self-titled album is out now on Fat Possum records. Do yourself a favor and buy it now. And, buy yourself a ticket to their October 1 MOKB Presents visit to Radio Radio in Indianapolis while you’re at it. Long live the cassette!

-words by Justin Wesley

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