New Album : Pallers : The Sea of Memories + Album Stream

Just in time for darkening skies, chunky sweaters and turning leaves comes The Sea of Memories from the electronica-pop duo Pallers; a lustrous debut three years in the making. It also begs the question – does being from Sweden automatically ensure your music will have other-worldly, transcendent vibes as if it’s actually beaming at us from a more sophisticated civilization in some faraway galaxy? Perhaps. And if anyone could make that case it would be the hypnotic talent emanating from Johan Angergard and Henrik Martensson, longtime friends and now musical collaborators hailing from the same hometown of which they’ve named their band. Taking aim at a three-dimensional sound on their debut and nailing it, Pallers have managed to create an ambient dreamscape at once nocturnal yet luminescent and futuristic yet anciently mystical. With serene beats, warm vocals and iridescent synths, the single Come Rain, Come Sunshine foreshadows a debut well worth the wait. The Sea of Memories is due out September 27th 2011 on Labrador.

MP3 : Pallers – Come Rain, Come Sunshine

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