New Band Smell : The Pentacles

Does new (to us), ‘Frisco-based combo the Pentacles have us at hello? Well, if by “have us” we mean being strapped down to a sweat-soaked cot, yowling through the agony of bearing one or more of the band’s children? Uh… no. But if “have us” means we’d go see them perform the songs from their debut, Tete a Tete, the answer is probably “Yes, if there was also another interesting artist on the bill.” Although the band tags its stuff as “British invasion/garage/Indie/Power Pop,” we hear the ‘80s (kind of like Squeeze without the irresistible songs/mix). And, with a lead vocalist (Jeff Halley) who so easily recalls Robert Smith, we’ve moved beyond Hello to trolling YT for the Cure’s classic Why Can’t I Be You? video. On the other hand, Now You’re Gone has one of those nifty single-note lead things going on (think George Harrison on early Beatles cuts), and would go well with the Nerves.

MP3 : The Pentacles – Now You’re Gone

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  • rad

    January 22, 2012 [ 1:39 am ]

    rad, pentacles rule

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