Film : Just Like Being There

A documentary about gig posters? Count me in. With thousands of dollars left to raise for their production budget and no release date announced, we’ll all have to wait with bated breath for the newly-titled documentary, “Just Like Being There.”

Director Scout Shannon and Producer Johanna Goldstein give a sneak peek into the creative process of several artists from across the country as they make posters for bands. /Film says of the work in progress, “The aim is to open a window into this niche world and make audiences aware and excited about this kind of art, much in the way ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ ignited the world of street art.”

Well, you don’t have to twist our arms. MOKB can get excited about a documentary covering gig posters, no problem.

View the promo:

Just Like Being There (Promo) from Johanna Goldstein

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