New Song : Radiation City : The Color of Industry

Radiation City, an indie-lounge quartet hailing from Portland, Oregon have released the first single The Color Of Industry from their upcoming debut LP due out later this fall. Drenched in the sunny nostalgia of 50’s and 60’s bossa nova then swirled with a moody, 90’s trip-hop vibe, The Color of Industry is a sultry, nuanced pop song, burbling up through warm, hazy atmospheres of echoing reverb while Lizzy Ellison’s sweet and easy vocals are seamlessly layered and laced with a hint of bittersweet sass, making her sound like a one-woman McGuire Sister’s act. It’s an incredibly familiar, vintage sound, yet the eerily beautiful electronics pervasive throughout leave no doubt as to the fact that bandmates Cameron Spies, Randy Bemrose and Matt Rafferty have put their own unique 2011 spin on some of the old sounds they love. The resulting affect is a super dreamy potpourri of some of the most pleasing music of the last few decades thoughtfully time-warped into a fresh new tune. It’s no doubt one of the many reasons Radiation City is quickly garnering a rabid following here in Rip City, not to mention fans everywhere of Astrud Gilberto, The Ronettes and Stereolab will be totally stoked. Though they were previously putting out their music on Ellison and Spies’ cassette label Apes Tapes, The Color of Industry can be found on Radiation City’s debut album The Hands That Take You via Tender Loving Empire on September 27th.

MP3 : Radiation City – The Color of Industry


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