New Song : Case Studies : The Eagle, Or The Serpent

It sure didn’t take long before it became hopelessly cliched. You know, the whole “artist casts off bonds of civilization to venture into the middle of nowhere and construct paean to exes” schtick? Sure, it’s been done really well a couple of times, but I hope you enjoyed For Emma, Forever Ago, because we’ll be paying for it for at least the next decade. Fortunately, we may get a few more good albums out of this otherwise deplorable trend. Or at least one more, from Case Studies.

Case Studies is the new project of former Dutchess & The Duke singer, Jesse Lortz. The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night will be released August 16 on Sacred Bones, and finds Lortz working with a handful of close friends, Crystal Stilts’ Keegan Cooke among them, to craft an album of barebones, early Leonerd Cohen-esque folk inventorying a couple years of relationships gone south. Beautiful stuff; some of it deeply affecting, and all worth your attention, including single The Eagle, Or The Serpent.

MP3 : Case Studies – The Eagle, Or The Serpent

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