The 757s : Tell The Pilgrims It's A Potluck

You probably haven’t noticed, but I’ve not championed a Twin Cities band since coming aboard MOKB. This has been eating at me, especially since I’ve lived here for many years and understand the importance of supporting one’s hometown. Sadly, I hadn’t heard any new(ish) bands that clearly embodied the “Cities sound” until I stumbled upon The 757s’ Tell the Pilgrims It’s A Potluck (available now from Automatic Recordings and iTunes). Man, the 757s take me back…way back. Back when every dive on the tundra with a power strip, a microphone and a liquor license was booking live music and selling $1.50 pitchers on Buck Pitcher Night. Back when we swathed ourselves in flannels and tukes to keep from freezing, but didn’t have anyone to tell us we were grunge. So long ago that Chuck Klosterman hadn’t even invented Fargo.

I’m not going to say too much more about this record, except that I’ve been listening to it repeatedly. If you’re looking for a shortcut to understanding The 757s, The Replacements are certainly a safe place to start, but that’s overlooking the thousands of forgotten Midwest bands whose sound and spirit pervade these eleven tracks. The levels are pushed into the red and left there to fend for themselves. It’s honest, impudent and urgent. Not surprisingly, it’s frequently sloppy and occasionally transcendent. It’s an absolute blast.

And it’s over too soon.

The 757s – Suzamsterdam
The 757s – 1981


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  • Dave

    January 18, 2008 [ 4:18 am ]

    wow, it’s only January and I think I’ve stumbled upon my favorite new band of the year – thanks for the tip!

  • Anonymous

    January 24, 2008 [ 9:57 pm ]

    1981 sounds like it belongs on Ryan Adams Rock N Roll album… That said, I like it.

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