New Band Smell : Hotfox + sign with Roaring Colonel Records

Locals might have noticed that we’ve made it no secret that we are pretty in love with Hotfox these days. We’ve recently asked them to open for both Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Bear Hands. They didn’t dissappoint us on either occasion. We’re proud to announce we’ll be releasing their upcoming debut album, You, Me & The Monster , through Roaring Colonel Records.

Our friends at MonkeyEatsMonkey recently recorded and filmed one of my favorite tracks, actually titled “Mountain Tiger”, ¬†off the upcoming album at that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. opening gig…

The band will release their debut album, You, Me, and the Monster , this month at The Earth House. The album was recorded by Tyler Watkins of Margot & The Nuclear So & Sos at Queensize Twin Air Studios, and features many talented Indianapolis music makers – Jon Rogers (Everything, Now!), Ryan Reidy (Thunders), Casey Tennis (Pravada/Margot), Dan Snodgrass (Bonesetters), and Gavin Wilkinson and the Bears of Blue River.

Stream it below…

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