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Though they’ve only been together since 2008, Priory, a pop-soaked, electronic-folk band from Portland, Oregon; these sonically sparkling indie-rockers have quickly mastered a commanding sound and musical presence that’s rapidly propelling their name and music out into the vast universe, which conversely can be found right there inside their anthemic-sized songs. On their self-titled, full-length debut, which just dropped days ago, fans of electronic beauty merged with folky acoustic instruments and sublime vocal arrangements will find themselves happily clinging for dear life on the fantastical journey of vivid imagery and dynamic arrangements within this twelve-song set. Brandon Johnson, Kyle Dieker, Greg Harpel and Joe Mingus have an almost palpable earnestness dripping from their voices and instruments while they create a richly diverse yet cohesive sound that’s wholly stirring and engaging. Songs such as Cold Hands, Searching and Lady of Late have a dark, graceful lullaby quality to them, with hushed spaces and soaring peaks that take the listener through ever-changing soundscapes both tangible and surreal. On the folkier side of things there’s King of Troy and Alone which both have a warmer, grounded, country ramblin’ vibe mashed with a 60’s sunshine pop, where twangin’ guitars meet rousing, chiming vocals. And Devil vs. Heater and Wait both crash and wallop with catchy, bouncing beats and cheeky electronic inklings. Saturated with infectious hooks, dazzling vocals and attentive, well-crafted storytelling, it’s no surprise Priory are swiftly making their mark on the local and national scene. With their debut on Expunged Records reaching towards such stratospheric heights, surely the stars are not even the limit for this Portland band.  

MP3 : Priory – Lady of Late

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  • Kathleen Mengis

    July 2, 2011 [ 1:25 am ]

    Joe’s Last name is spelled ” MENGIS” Thank you, Joe’s mom, Kathy

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