CD Review : Gardens : s/t

Ah… rock ‘n’ roll – and snotty, beats-drive-my-blood r ‘n’ r, at that. This is the kind of demented racket one seeks in an Unnatural Helpers or Ty Segall album.

Just started listening to Gardens debut. And I’m already awaiting the invitation to pull on my go-go boots, mount the stage and go nuts in a cage for ‘em. For free. It doesn’t matter if we’ve already heard the semi-distorted riff (or something a lot like it) in Teachers– this is the manna for which garage junkies live. Gardens loves the sound of dirty-unto-naughtiness guitars so well, it indulges in them often. Vocals rival the adolescent swagger of Richard Hell and Rick Froberg. (Happy) angst is Gardens’ middle name.

There’s even variety. The early-V. Underground-evoking (and classic ‘60s garage sound) of Morning Refresher is a jelly-bean dinner of a palate cleanser. Ideas To Use fords a balance between Lou Reed’s lover and John Dwyer’s claustrophobic cousin. The Detroit-based trio’s style is messy and self-indulgent in the way of those jam sessions you wander into: someone’s basement, someone’s party. The band can’t believe it finally gets to emulate all the punk and garage stuff it loves. You remember the party 20 years later.

–Post by Mary Leary

  • Reggie

    June 12, 2011 [ 10:20 pm ]

    Is there any way to hear more from them without loading a dreaded myspace page cause I’m really diggin this.

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