New Song : The Coathangers : Trailer Park Boneyard

As MOKB’s unofficial groupie of Atlanta, Georgia’s The Coathangers, I feel it’s my unofficial duty to bring you their latest release Trailer Park Boneyard off of their impending LP Larceny & Old Lace, in celebration of their massive upcoming tour which kicks off June 19th 2011. In comparison to their first released single Hurricane, one might even say this tune showcases the “sweet” side of these ferocious southern sirens. That is, if they promise not to kick your ass for calling it “sweet.” I’m just saying as opposed to the shrieking hellfire vocals of Hurricane, The Coathangers’ have simmered dawn nah with this one. Well, to a degree. Trailer Park Boneyard has the campier, rockabilly twang of The Cramps and Southern Culture On The Skids, that drives it with an overall toe-tapping, tongue in cheek, garage-classic ethos. But just when you think these belles are behaving themselves, they break into a Who-worthy cacophony of psycho-distortion just in case you were getting too comfortable. Known for switching off on instruments, vocals and songwriting, The Coathangers are akin to a punk, modern-day Trimurti; you never know who or what you’re going to get. Which is a good thing, because judging from the first two releases of off Larceny & Old Lace due out June 7th 2011 via Suicide Squeeze> you’re sure to never be bored as they keep their potent witches brew of musical offerings coming.

MP3 : The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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