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Nestled within the walls of the Earth House Collective, in a library lined with bright book spines and creaking hardwood floors, Ra Ra Riot performed a 3-song session, displaying their blend of classic instrumentation with indie rock whimsy.

“Too Dramatic” and “Boy” are both from the band’s sophomore release ‘The Orchard.’ Performed pristinely, Wesley Miles, the group’s passionate and poised main vocalist, steers the songs by delivering each line with ethereal perfection. The guitars, lush and current against the sweet, familiar presence of the cello and violin, sweep you away into a sort of closely contained chaos. Pumped full of emotion and energy, Ra Ra Riot never strays off course; they safely guide you from the beginning of each song and deliver you to the end, regardless of where you end up in between. A quick, deft cover of Sparks’ “Saccharin and the War” reveals an obvious influence on the group, abruptly weaving it’s way between darkness, suspense and beauty, as bassist Mathieu Santos keeps the beat by playing a tambourine with his foot. (You’re impressed, admit it.)

MP3 : Ra Ra Riot – Too Dramatic (live on

The musicians of this band come across as completely involved in their craft; writing complicated and lovely songs, performed as seamlessly as is possible, exhibiting full prowess over their chosen instruments. Cellist Alexandra Lawn and violinist Rebecca Zeller are so capable of bridging the worlds of classical music and rock and roll, you nearly forget how challenging such a task can be. Although this session was a much more stripped-down version of a typical Ra Ra Riot live set, it exhibits a crisp and poetic side of this impressive band.

MP3 : Ra Ra Riot – Boy (live on

The ‘Too Dramatic’ EP was released digitally this spring on Barsuk Records and can be purchased exclusively through iTunes.

Watch and download the entire session over at (including a Sparks – Saccharin and the War cover!)

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff DuPont
Filmed and Edited by Daniel Arthur
Words by Jess Clark

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MP3 : Ra Ra Riot – Boy
MP3 : Ra Ra Riot – Dying Is Fine

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