MOKB Premiere : Fan Modine : Through The Valley

You may have forgotten (six years is a lifetime in this biz), but Gordon Zacharias is still alive and well and doing business as Fan Modine. Gratitude For The Shipper, his latest exercise, will arrive on May 24th, bringing with it a loosely-connected song cycle of impeccably-crafted ornate pop, certain to find favor with fans of Mick Harvey, John Cale, The Divine Comedy and Belle & Sebastien.

Admittedly, you may not be familiar with Fan Modine, however, Zacharias has cultivated quite a loyal following of famous and well-connected friends, many of whom turned up for the proceedings. Co-produced by Zacharias with college radio legend Chris Stamey (Matthew Sweet, Yo La Tengo, Marshall Crenshaw) and former R.E.M. manager Jefferson Holt, the record also boasts appearances from seemingly half of the Chapel Hill music community, including Mitch Easter, Lee Waters (Essex Green, Dean Wareham), Ash Bowie (Polvo), Jeremy Chatelain (Jets to Brazil, Cub Country) and Chuck Johnson (Shark Quest, Idyll Swords) also on guitar.

MOKB is mighty pleased to be premiering Through The Valley, the lead single from Gratitude For The Shipper. I really think it lends an air of class compared to what we usually do around here.

MP3 : Fan Modine – Through The Valley

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