New Song : Marianne Faithful : Why Did We Have To Part?

Pardon the ill-timed pun, but there are certain artists whose music I will buy faithfully. Marianne Faithful is one of those artists. And it matters little to me whether she is singing saucy originals, moldy standards or a local Thai takeout menu; I crave this woman’s voice. It is the rarest of instruments, capable of unspeakable emotion, and one which trite descriptors like “haunting” will never do justice. That being said, you can imagine my excitement at learning that on June 28th, Na├»ve Records will be releasing Ms. Faithful’s 23rd album, Horse and High Heels.

Recorded in New Orleans and produced by Hal Willner (Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams, Ute Lemper), Horses and High Heels finds Ms. Faithful being true to herself, her muse and her fans, mixing strong originals with cherrypicked covers from folks like Carol King and The Gutter Twins. For his part, Willner keeps the special guests (Lou Reed, Dr. John, Wayne Kramer) in check, and the focus clearly on Faithful and her stunning interpretations.

MP3 : Marianne Faithful – Why Did We Have To Part?

  • Jeremy

    April 26, 2011 [ 4:27 pm ]

    It’s Faithfull, with two Ls. And yeah I know, the press release was wrong. Can you believe that? Other than that, agree on all points!

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