New Song : Welter : All Day Long

I’m pleased to learn that Philly’s Welter has finally gotten around to releasing their debut, but I guess I’m just a little confused by its title, The Bush Years. Perhaps this is an allusion to the fact that we’re still digging out of that debacle. Or maybe that’s when the recording started, and if so, it begs the question, “Which Bush?” Or maybe I just need to let it go and enjoy the relatively timeless pop-punk pastiche the band has going on, something that will likely find favor with fans of The Mats or The Weakerthans.

MP3 : Welter – All Day Long

  • Moses

    April 24, 2011 [ 2:53 pm ]

    Although I’m sure Jeremy could put a finer point on it, the main reason why the album is titled The Bush Years is because that is the time period [Bush Jr] during which many of these songs were initially composed. The band didn’t form until 2010, but most of the songs existed at least conceptually well before then, and carried with them the feel of the time of their genesis.

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