New Song : Tallahassee : Jealous Hands

Tallahassee might be the only indie-folk band, or any type of band at all for that matter, fronted by a former NFL New England Patriot. But judging by the haunting beauty of their upcoming full-length Jealous Hands, perhaps we need more of that kind of line-up. Recorded in September 2010 at Perfect Sound Studios in Los Angeles after having raised $15,000 by fans and supporters during a pledge drive to do so, Jealous Hands is handsome payoff for those who invested. Fronted by Brian Barthelmes’ thermal vocals and his vintage guitars and banjos, which are tightly woven with Scott Thompson’s (vocals/guitar/banjo) Shawn Carney’s (bass, banjo, mandolin) and Matt Raskopf on percussion, this country-folk quartet have found a musical crossroads lying somewhere between The Avett Brothers, Iron and Wine, Alabama and themselves. The song Jealous Hands is a heart-stopping standout; a lush, halting, carnivalesque dirge whose lonely, spooky tone is outweighed by the all-encompassing, homey-warmth of Barthelmes’ comforting croon. As is Winter Trees, a straightforward, string-pluckin,’ country-soul hoedown; an authentic backyard charmer, if you’re backyard happened to have a soothing Hammond organ lying about. With moonshine-swillin’ murder ballads such as Open Grave and Minor Blues II, raspy, radio-friendly rocker’s Front Teeth and Wooden Heart, and the gorgeously arranged, delicate splendor of RV Song and The Ghost of John Denver, Tallahassee’s Jealous Hands feels like a never-ending gift of elegant heartache and roughhewn beauty. Mixing folk, country, blue-grass, rock and Americana until it all blends together something terribly familiar yet refreshingly new, Jealous Hands is at once a deeply introspective and open-hearted labor of love, not to be missed when it comes out April 19th 2011.

MP3 : Tallahassee – Jealous Hands

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    April 19, 2011 [ 10:00 pm ]

    Way to go big guy. I Just might let you light my head on fire.

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