Exclusive Stream : Younger Brother : Vacccine

On April 26th, international trance Illuminati Younger Brother will be returning to the bins with their most fully-realized and ambitious record to date, Vaccine. Whether operating as solo DJs, or as core members of any number of mind-frying collabs, Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell have long been forces to be reckoned with on the electronic scene. However, for this studio outing, the trio have taken the extra step of enlisting the services of their live band, and the presence of players Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits), Joe Russo (Furthur) and Tommy Hamilton (Brothers Past) pushes Vaccine into prog territory, somehow, without sacrificing its potency and cohesiveness.

Apparently, after years of having their genre’s skittering beats and blips co-opted by big-name acts (looking at you Radiohead and U2), Vaccine finds the trio reclaiming electronica, while launching an offensive that takes ground dangerously close to stadium-sized pop. That being said, Vaccine isn’t going to blow you away upon first listen with a surefire radio single or a tune that Apple is going to break the bank to license. This is not your father’s Eno-pop zaniness, but rather a series of intricately constructed pop gems, each of which comes to the table without fully-realized, yet surprisingly uncluttered.

I know it’s a cliche folks, but you really will notice something new and interesting each time you drop the virtual needle on this one. The result is an record of exquisite electro-informed pop that should appeal to the tribes as seemingly disparate as Coldplay, Air, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. And ya know what, MOKB is putting some skin in the game by hosting this exclusive stream of Vaccine, a week before it touches down.

  • D

    April 19, 2011 [ 1:14 pm ]

    Should have gone by a different name Simon :\ This isn’t younger brother. Its older sister… or something completely different.

  • yv

    April 20, 2011 [ 8:46 am ]

    SYS700 blows my mind!

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