New Band Smell : Jenny Invert

Jenny Invert is a band in transition, rolling from dry Albuquerque to drainy Seattle. It’s difficult to listen to this band and not be impressed by their ability to thoroughly chew up influences, and I mean a lot of influences, ranging from Vaudevillian to post-rock. Luckily, our heroes manage to tame that seeming sonic morass, and come out smelling fresh on the other end with a sound that’s pleasing without giving up to much to the pervading tastes of the day.

The band’s self-titled debut is currently available over here, and while much of their material would be sure to appeal to fans of Ra Ra Riot or Arcade Fire, I’m going to go a little darker and share their Dark Dark Dark/Nick Cavish deep track, The Summer’s A Curse.

MP3 : Jenny Invert – The Summer’s A Curse

  • javalovesyou

    April 27, 2011 [ 1:04 am ]

    Pancho is my cousin…Literally. I’m related to Pancho Sombrero.

  • CastleQwayR

    June 10, 2011 [ 6:17 pm ]

    Nice band, and you are correct in your review.

    They have so much talent that I hope they get the props they deserve!

    Heroes of Indie Music – from Indy : )

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