New Old Song : Alejandro Escovedo : Castanets (live at The Hideout)

Unless you live under a Spartanly-furnished rock, you know that this Saturday is Record Store Day, the happiest day of the year for those of us who still believe in the smell of vinyl and the power of liner notes. Like too many grassroots movement, recent years have witnessed RSD slowly becoming a soundingboard for larger artists. And that’s great as long as it makes the registers sing at setting sun Mom and Pop shops, but it too often eclipses the less mainstream artists that these shops serve loyally day-in and day-out.

So, when those doors swing wide on Saturday morning, and the great grab ensues, allow me to recommend a single CD that you’ll likely listen to and enjoy way more than many more high-profile releases, the aptly-titled No One Got Hurt: Bloodshot Records 15th Anniversary @The Hideout, Chicago.

I’m going to spare you the 101 here and simply say that few labels have done as much for indie artists as Bloodshot. No One Got Hurt captures 19 tracks from a handful of the label’s artists, past and present, on September 12, 2009. The esteemed list of performers includes Bobby Bare Jr., Alejandro Escovedo, Waco Brothers, Deadstring Brothers, The Blacks, and of course, original Mekons Sally Timms and Jon Langford. This is all killer, no filler, and I don’t know how many copies are floating around out there, so in case you miss out, MOKB is compelled to share a smoking live take of Escovedo’s classic (and a song he took back from George W. Bush a few years back), Castanets.

MP3 : Alejandro Escovedo – Castanets (live at The Hideout)
MP3 : Alejandro Escovedo – Street Song

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