Burnt Ones on Daytrotter

Roaring Colonel Records artists, Burnt Ones recorded a Daytrotter session late last year. The session recently launched on the site and contains a b-side track limited to only the band’s first 7″ release!

You can feel the oven-like heat come over you like a thousand blasts of reverb and distortion, as guitarist and lead singer Mark Tester begins to let it fly. You feel as if your eyes are expanding and your skin is turning into a melting film of balloon rubber overtop your old stuff. It’s sticking to everything and all begins to warp and gum together.” – Sean Moeller of Daytrotter.com

MP3 : Burnt Ones – Gonna Listen To T. Rex (All Night Long) (Daytrotter session)
MP3 : Burnt Ones – Bury Me In Smoke (Daytrotter session)

Burnt Ones at MOKB’s Glitter Taco Smoosh Party:


MP3 : Burnt Ones – Bury Me In Smoke

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