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Mike Gorman is a singer-songwriter, musician, and sample-master from Queens, NY, whose lovely albums A Strange Wind and My Tanglewood Days, are gratefully available for free downloads. A Strange Wind is a modern-day offspring of The Monkees Head soundtrack, or Tom Wait’s Big Time; albeit a softer, acoustic version of them, minus the occasionally biting tracks on those albums. But akin to their surrealistic cinematic experiences on record, A Strange Wind is full of static and snippets of old-timey radio shows, minstrel acts, and hokey television soundbites, in between Gorman’s pensive, group-sung-sounding ditties. The overall feel is evocative of the lonely howling of sweet hobos chiming in around a tin drum fire, their songs wafting through the windows from a distance. My Darling Pearl and The Well (Bottom Of) are two standouts of Gorman’s musical wanderlust, sandwiched in between the contemplative whispers, hollow clatter and murky short stories of the ever changing transistor. A Strange Wind is a strangely soothing, wistful whirlwind through the broadcast space-time continuum.  

My Tanglewood Days by comparison, is straightforward, minimalist and enveloping balladry, haunted by the sad echo only a bathroom in Queens can provide. The N train blending into the beginning of each tune is as gratifyingly hypnotic as the lonesome, boxcar-folk Gorman’s imperfectly charming vocals are emoting. Fans of Will Oldham and Jeff Tweedy will find a kinship with Gorman’s spare yet gravely earnest songs. Together, these two albums provide the perfect backdrop to a meditative afternoon of quiet reflection, ripe with melody and memories. Along with his rustic, hand-drawn music page, Mike Gorman shows that with some talent, ingenuity and recording device to capture introspective musical moments in a bathroom in Queens, nothing more is needed.

MP3 : Mike Gorman – My Darling Pearl (from A Strange Wind)
MP3 : Mike Gorman – Dark House (from My Tanglewood Days)

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  • Applewood Records

    April 24, 2011 [ 1:49 pm ]

    Hi Miss Dolly Mod and My Old Kentucky Bloggers,

    Wonderful review of Mr. Gorman’s albums only that photo is not Mr. Gorman but a fellow NYC songster Warren Malone.

    If you friends would like to download the albums please visit They are free!



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