New Video : Les Chauds Lapins : Presque Oui

Not long ago, I prattled on about my newfound affection for Les Chauds Lapins’ featured single Je t’aime, from their soon to be released full-length Amourettes. Now these New York jazzers, led by Kurt Hoffman and Meg Reichardt, are debuting a lovely new video for yet another delightful track, Presque Oui. Directed by Pei-fu Chen, the footage is a fantastical series of quirky vignettes that perfectly captures the endearing essence of these French chanson enthusiasts. Full of flickering black and white film, a backyard picnic, dancing bear, stuffed rabbit and a plethora of carrots; it’s as charming and retro as this rootsy art-pop group is talented. Watch for Amourettes, due out March 22nd 2011.

-Post by Miss Dolly Mod

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