New Song : Son Lux : Desert (Liz Janes cover)

Liz Janes
is one of those artists for whom there is no kinda. You love her or you don’t, and that’s OK. Certainly, Ms. Janes hasn’t based her career on giving people what they want or expect, and when you get right down to it, that’s part of what makes her a great artist. Not surprisingly, that’s also what makes other artists line up to pay their respects when a project like the digital-only Time & Space comes along.

Time & Space finds Asthmatic Kitty giving seven wildly diverse artists a blank check to do their voodoo to the Janes track of their choosing. Takers include My Brightest Diamond, Black Heart Procession and Fol Chen. First up, though, is a radical Son Lux reimagineering of Desert that renders the track a trance-worthy microcosmic trip through the great within.

MP3 : Son Lux – Desert (Liz Janes cover)

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