New Song + Tour Dates : James Leg : Drowning In Fire

After three albums of greasy-finger blues that carried the sacred in the same pocket with the profane, Rhodes-mashin’ Black Diamond Heavies frontman John Wesley Myers has packed up his bullfrog on a bender delivery, returned to his Christian handle of James Leg and headed off into the wilds alone. OK, not quite alone. With an assist from Cincy slugger and general man-about-town, Andy Jody (The Gazelles, Pearlene, The Long Gones, The Customs, Oxford Cotton, Barrence Whitfield and The Savages), Leg hunkered down for the month of December in a Murfreesboro, TN church to brew up Solitary Pleasure.

Solitary Pleasure is one fine ride, even if the Leg’s wildman persona is largely held in check. Of course, he caterwauls about the temptations of wine and women with an arm firmly wrapped around each, and in a voice that would send Tom Waits scurrying after a Ricola. But more than anything, Solitary Pleasure gives Leg the opportunity to tap the breaks. As tempos grind down, melodies long held underground rub their tired eyes in the light of day, and Leg seems to revel in the freedom afforded by this, showing greater emotion  and ambition than one might believe based solely on his output with BDH. Nobody’s Fault is an almost disturbingly poignant number that pert near finds Leg sniffing radio fare, and could have easily slipped onto Waits’ Closing Time or Warren Zevon’s self-titled record without drawing fire. That being said, lead single Drowning In Fire casts Leg in a persona we’re all most comfortable with: whiskey-soaked James the Baptist, banging the ivories and pleading with the residents of an indifferent heaven.

MP3 : James Leg – Drowning In Fire

James Leg US Tour
March 17- Cleveland, OH- The Happy Dog
March 18- Ft Wayne, IN- The Brass Rail
March 24- Chattanooga, TN- JJ’s
March 25- Chattanooga, TN- JJ’s

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