New Remix + Video : Those Dancing Days : I’ll Be Yours

If you’ve been waking up feeling particularly listless from the endless winter drone and are seeking an effervescent pick me up, Those Dancing Days that spirited quintet from Sweden, have dealt us a double-dose of pleasure-pop scooby-snacks to help carry us through. The first is a rat-a-tat, synth-heavy remix of their single I’ll Be Yours, courtesy of electronica duo Vision of Trees; the second is a brand new video for the original recording, off of their recently released sophomore effort Daydreams & Nightmares. Taken together, it’s the Scandinavian, restorative kick in the head needed to light a fire under your sluggish winter haunches.

The remix might fall under a category titled something like: Wackadoo-Rabid-Chipmunks-At-The-Ice-Capades-Extravaganza! Epic synths, helium vocals, and Stormtrooper blaster rifles; it’s a track that may induce you to drop some E, stick a pacifier in your kisser and head to the nearest laser light show at the downtown library. Simply put, it’s full on cray-cray, kids.  

The new video for the original tune, however, is as warm, irrepressible and vivacious as the song itself. Footage of family, friends, onstage antics and on tour, perfectly synched with the bass driven, rousing rocker; I’ll Be Yours is a video I could watch again and again, hoping to catch all the lovely, joyous details. These five talented musicians, wrapped up in pleasingly chunky knit scarves and furry hats, make me want to start an all girl-group pronto and spend every moment with my best friends, traveling the world and making blissful punk-pop. That, or just enjoy this catchy song.

MP3 : Those Dancing Days – I’ll Be Yours (Visions of Trees Remix)

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