New Song : Anti-Social Music : Bitter Suite (Fear)

Certainly, last year witnessed no shortage of digital ink spilled on MOKB in the name of Franz Nicolay. The man-who-once-held-steady-the-hold-steady was seemingly everywhere in 2010, as solo artist and sideman. But a new year brings new challenges, and our first taste of Franz this annum comes in the form of new music from the NYC-based Anti-Social Music, a gang of neo-classical misfits of which Nicolay is a member.

The collective’s new record, Is The Future Of Everything (get it April 19th), is, depending on your taste, a celebration of a decade of delight, or disgust, at the hands of ASM. Like a bad joke that’s gone too far to turn back now, ASM has moved beyond preaching to the converted, and their numbers are beginning to look surprisingly legitimate: over 80 performances featuring premieres of 123 new works by 28 composers. And now, when you least expected it, they’ve suckered you in too. That’s right, just by the act of listening to Bitter Suite (Fear) you’ve unwittingly lent a hand in their collective DRE of the modern classical cabal.

MP3 : Anti-Social Music – Bitter Suite (Fear)

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