New Song : Clara May : Hyderabad

Clara May, like Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd, is one of those Is it or is it not a person acts. On their debut album, Hush, the Chicago duo of Tom Silva and Nicole Sotelo has clearly holed up in the darkest recesses of folk music, offering commentary on such “non-popular” subjects as war, genocide and colonialism, without ever coming across as preachy.

To call this folk music doesn’t really do it justice; this is not your grandfather’s toke, three chord and a slogan folkateering. One could hardly hope for two more unique and distinct voices than those wielded by the duo. Silva’s rich baritone marries Nick Cave’s sneer to the mournfulness of a young Scott Walker, while Sotelo’s recalls Dar Williams at her most pristine. And thanks to Clara May’s willingness to incorporate a gallimaufry of musical influences, these songs and their bold arrangements and instrumentation reach well-above the outstretched hands of your garden variety minstrels. Case in point, the record’s lead single Hyderabad, which combines at least three distinct movements in less than four minutes, and recalls the aforementioned Walker right down the the closing na na na.

MP3 : Clara May – Hyderabad

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