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Everything, Now! was the first band I ever interviewed when I started this site back in 2005. It was atrocious. No fault to them. They were funny and welcoming, sitting on their big, converted school bus and eating raw corn off the cob. I was ridiculously ill-prepared and cut things short after about three minutes. Anyway, they’re back with a great new album. They still take you in every direction on this one, but there is a greater vision this time. There is much more cohesion than with their previous releases, more stability. It is a concept album, so the ideas are obviously more concise. The execution is clean, and the results are tremendous. I’m really proud to see the maturation process at hand from this Muncie, Indiana band.

All the cd packaging was put together/done by hand. Secretly Canadian provided the cases for the band to re-use even. So they recycled as well. Remaining ever aggressive, they are also planning to release another full-length this Fall called Ugly Magic.

There are so many varying entities in Everything, Now’s music, psychedelia, glam, punk, surf, noise, synth-pop and more. In this new one, you hear lots of Bowie, Flaming Lips, Beach Boys/Panda Bear-stylings, a little Man Man and Gogol Bordello and they throw in the kitchen sink for good measure as well. Everything, Now! takes it all in a whole new incredibly interesting, sometimes absurd and amazingly original direction, and you should check them out. Everyting, Now!’s MySpace. Go to their website and click the top banner to buy the album!

Everything, Now! – Take a Gawk at the Weird Side
Everything Now! – The World is Flat, This is the Edge

The Album’s Backstory:

Bible Universe is a concept record about St. Backbone, an angry, suicidal kid who jumps off a cliff and slips into a new dimension (via “Wormhole 1”) called Bible Universe and then slips into yet another dimension (via “Wormhole 2”). It’s a tale about reinvention in the face of trial and the cost of religion — a parable that sheds as much light on Bible Belt America as on the psychological and pathological reasons people have for believing in God.Matt Erler w/ No Ripcord

Upcoming Shows:

Here’s the doozy you don’t want to miss. On July 29th, Everything, Now! will be opening for Man Man at The Bluebird in Bloomington, IN. The show is only $10!!! These are two bands that will mesh well and it’s sure to be a raucous event.

Also, you can catch them August 17th here in Indianapolis at The Melody Inn, 10pm, $6, w/ Brazil, Saababanks


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  • Tyler

    July 17, 2007 [ 7:53 pm ]

    if e,n! was a charismatic world leader, i would join his/her death cult.

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