Fourth Of July On The Plains (or in Michigan)

Who’s betting this will be a popular band to feature today? Fourth Of July are on the Range Life Records label, home to Justin Roelofs aka White Flight – a band MOKB thoroughly enjoys. Their latest release is entitled Fourth Of July On The Plains and you can buy it here for cheap.

I’m travelling to Lake Michigan for the weekend, so I might be posting randomly when I head in-town or I might not. No guarantees is what I’m saying. I am hoping though that you have a great and happy 4th. Remember what it’s all about and despite the downfall of our society being so closely in sight, we are all very lucky to be here in America (Those readers that are, that is. I’m sure those of you in other nations are appreciative about where you live too) for now.

Fourth Of July – She’s In Love
Fourth Of July – Be Careful


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  • Anonymous

    July 5, 2007 [ 5:13 am ]

    Fourth of July = Made in Lawrence, Kansas!

  • Lucky American

    July 5, 2007 [ 10:49 am ]

    Pretty cool tunes man.. pretty cool tunes!

  • Goldencasino

    July 5, 2007 [ 10:56 am ]

    She’s in love is a real cool song. Hope y’all have (or had) a nice party day! Once y’all decide to go chillin’ check out Goldencasino for some serious Hot Las Vegas Action! All Americans are welcome!

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