New Song + Tour Dates : Withered Hand : New Dawn

Edinburgh’s Withered Hand isn’t necessarily a person, except of course, on occasions when it is. In those cases, Withered Hand is Dan Willson, albeit not the fabled Twin Cities Dan Wilson. Confused yet? Dan Willson (he of two Ls and the withered hand) first popped up on radar when he took some Scottish Arts Council funds and enlisted the help of Kramer to produce Good News, a record that made Willson a much in demand performer in the UK. Recognizing a sure thing when it fell in their collective lap, Absolutely Kosher signed Willson to an American deal that will begin with the much-ballyhooed U.S. release of Good News on March 15th, a date that just so happens to coincide with a smattering of Withered Hand’s American dates.

I can’t barely imagine a better calling card to American ears than lead single, New Dawn. Namechecking Pavement, Silver Jews and Sonic Youth (by proxy), the track brilliantly captures the intoxicating, yet fleeting, nature of young love, while serving as a reminder of the pitfalls of waxing nostalgic about those heady days (or worse, trying to recapture them). Musically, Willson handles the track with kids gloves; a lightly-strummed, but propulsive acoustic skimming over a simple, uncluttered arrangement, New Dawn is certain to find favor with fans of fellow Scots Belle and Sebastian and Frightened Rabbit, as well as those for whom John Darnielle represents the unattainable. Highly recommended.

MP3 : Withered Hand – New Dawn

Withered Hand on Tour
3/12 @ Littlefield – Brooklyn, NY
3/16 @ SXSW – Austin, TX
3/17 @ SXSW – Austin, TX
3/21 @ The Hemlock – San Francisco
3/22 @ Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles

  • Jack

    February 16, 2011 [ 8:36 pm ]

    This song is fantastic. Thanks MOKB!

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