New Song : Communipaw : Plastic

I was a little befuddled at first by the band moniker Communipaw, who’ve just released the single Plastic off their second full-length, Big Blue. Until, that is, I did a little investigating and learned they’re named after a section of New Jersey, home to one of the earliest European settlements in North America.

In addition, I’ve discovered this thoughtful, ethereal-pop group based in the rural locale of New Brunswick, is also some gentle indie-folk at its finest. Though today’s kids might be tempted to file them in a twee-pop category with the likes of Belle and Sebastian, I myself hear a vintage musicality redolent of The Left Banke and the Small Faces (Hear Comes The Nice, in particular, comes to mind). In fact, Communipaw’s employ of tracking parts of Big Blue in their backyard using antiquated equipment brings immediately to mind the rustic beauty of Ronnie Lane’s recording of Anymore for Anymore in the pastoral hills of Shropshire. The song title Plastic itself seems somewhat tongue-in-cheek, because it feels as intimate and homey as the scarf your grandma knitted for you in the third grade. But just when you think you’ve got them pegged, they end the tune with a spooky, mesmerizing finale, full of haunting, open-air reverie.

Reading up on the band I’ve become more than a bit infatuated with the fact they’ve named their navy blue touring van “Moondog” and that their drum kit once belonged to Fred White, of Earth, Wind and Fire. Endearing details aside, Communipaw are definitely bringing an innovative depth to devotees of folksy soft-pop, more of which they can explore when Big Blue drops on March 22nd.

MP3 : Communipaw – Plastic

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