New Band Smell : Stellarondo

Sick of new bands that can’t get beyond that guitar, bass and drums rut? Looking for something a little left-of-center. Take Stellarondo for a spin. With open door instrumentation policy (pedal steel, banjo, cello, glockenspiel, musical saw, upright bass, and vibraphone) and songs that remind me of the best of The Handsome Family, Stellarondo is something of a Missoula supergroup (suck it if you don’t think Missoula has enough bands to spawn a supergroup).

In case it’s gnawing at you, the band’s name comes from a character in Eudora Welty’s short story, Why I Live at the P.O., which is pretty fitting given the candid and richly-detailed vignettes that comprise the band’s self-titled debut, which is available now. Not sure if you’d be down with Stellarondo? Try a little Strawberry Cake.

MP3 : Stellarondo – Strawberry Cake

Stellarondo on Tour
2/16 @ House Concert – Spokane, WA – w/ Greg and Caridwen Spatz + Liz Rognes
2/17 @ The Green Frog – Bellingham, WA w/ Drunken Prayer
2/18 @ Conor Byrne – Seattle, WA w/ Drunken Prayer and Whiting Tennis
2/19 @ Laurethirst – Portland, OR w/ The Mighty Ghosts
2/20 @ Sam Bond’s Garage – Eugene, OR – w/ Opal Creek
2/21 @ Music Millennium – Portland, OR (in-store performance)

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