New Song : Cursed Arrows : Death Rattle Blues

Now that word has trickled down that The White Stripes are part of rock history, the belt for best boy-girl blooze-rock duo is up for grabs, and Cursed Arrows may be a darkhorse to keep an eye on. Way heavier than “that band,” this Canadian husband and wife team whips up a overdriven stew sure to stick to the bones of fans of units ranging from Black Sabbath to The Melvins to The Warlocks. Cassette single Death Rattle Blues (get it here) is a stoner-boner lying is wait, provided you still have that old boombox in the garage, and is rounded out with two cover songs (Beck’s Pay No Mind and PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me) and two live acoustic songs. But all of this, of course, is merely to hold over fans until Cursed Arrows’ next full-length, The Madness Of Crowds, materializes in April.

MP3 : Cursed Arrows – Death Rattle Blues

  • sonya

    February 3, 2011 [ 11:09 am ]

    this is pretty rad. but, blood red shoes could definitely be the european contender.

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