New Song + Video : Candi & The Strangers : Moving In Stereo (Cars cover)

Watching Candi & The Strangers’ video for Moving In Stereo, I had flashbacks to getting jacked on Mountain Dew and staying up all night watching Night Flight on the USA Network. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t sweat it; those were different times. Times when music videos were influenced by films like Videodrome, Liquid Sky, Dark Star and La Jetee rather than…well, whatever influences today’s music videos. The Austin quintet places a much darker spin on The Cars’ original, and the clip (which was co-directed by the band’s Samantha and John Constant and looks like it was filmed in the 70’s conception of a futuristic space station) serves as a prologue to the band’s upcoming full-length animation feature, Children Of The Tone.

But first things first. On February 8th, Candi And The Strangers will release 10th of Always. The record was produced by Erik Wofford (Maserati, The Black Angels, Explosions In The Sky) and contains nine tasty tracks of sci-fi inspired French dream pop. Spin Nico Regrets and it should be abundantly clear that this sexy Goddard-Godard hybrid will be the perfect soundtrack for your next interstellar overdrive or cocktail party; just add ice. By the way, Moving In Stereo is not included on 10th Of Always, so you may want to grab it here, just so you have it on hand for the weekend.

MP3 : Candi & The Strangers : Moving In Stereo (Cars cover)
MP3 : Candi & The Strangers : Nico Regrets

Candi and the Strangers – Moving In Stereo from House of Constant on Vimeo.

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